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Stretton on Dunsmore History Society
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Stretton on Dunsmore,
Rugby, Warwickshire
CV23 9HF
Telephone: 024 7654 2703

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Stretton on Dunsmore: 

the making of a Warwickshire Village

The definitive history of the village was published for the millennium. This is a must for those with connections to the village; it is fully illustrated and contains 167 pages of text, maps and photos.
Price £9.00
(£11.00 with UK postage).

Victorian Village Life:
a Warwickshire Schoolmaster’s Record

This illustrated booklet gives a vivid account of 19th century life in an agricultural community, of interest to anyone with an ‘Ag Lab’ in their ancestry. It is based on the Stretton school logbooks.

Price £2.50
(£3.50 with UK postage).

Stretton on Dunsmore School Logbooks 1862-1906

This CD contains a complete electronic transcript of the Stretton School logbooks; it is fully indexed by surname to help the family historian, and also searchable by word or phrase for other research purposes.

Price £8.00
(£10 with UK postage)

Warwick County Asylum: 

the first Reformatory outside London

This illustrated booklet describes a unique reformatory that operated in Stretton from 1818-1856. It includes an index of around 200 identifiable inmates with details of interest to the family historian. (Please note that this is not the mental hospital of the same name at Hatton near Warwick).
Price £3.00
(£4.00 with UK postage).

Joseph Elkington:
Warwickshire’s Land Drainage Pioneer

This illustrated booklet describes the life and work of this 18th century pioneer of agricultural drainage. His memorial still stands in Stretton churchyard; an informative plaque about him is displayed outside the Stretton village hall. His drainage method became famous nationally and is still important today.

Price £3.50
(£4.50 with UK postage).

Brandon Silk Mill: 

Ghosts of the 11th Green

This illustrated booklet describes the history of a local mill that was used for fulling cloth, making paper and throwing silk. Children from Stretton and other local villages worked there in the 19th Century. The booklet includes interesting details of child labour and the local silk industry.
Price £3.00
(£4.00 with UK postage).

Joseph Ashby’s Victorian Warwickshire

A fascinating book about rural life in the late 19th century, based on newspaper articles written by this famous trade unionist. Includes many old photos of south-east Warwickshire. There are chapters on hunting, gypsies and mechanisation as well as chapters on many local communities.

Price £9.00
(£11.00 with UK postage).

Before Gallipoli:

The illustrated story of The 29th Division assembling in Warwickshire and North Oxfordshire for the King’s inspection before setting off for Gallipoli in 1915. Covering the effect on the local community and the memorial afterwards

Price £9.00
(with UK postage £11)

Local Aspects of the Great War – Volume 1

Coventry & Warwickshire

Illustrated and covering; Belgian refugees, Recruitment, Billeting, Wounded, Food, War Courts, Influenza and the Armistice.

Price £9
(£11 with UK postage)

Local Aspects of the Great War – Volume 2

Coventry & Warwickshire

Illustrated and covering: Enemy Aliens, Upper Classes, Education, Volunteers, Zeppelins, Training, Conscientious Objectors, Peace Celebrations.

Price £9
(£11 with UK postage)

Stretton on Dunsmore:
the Enclosure of a Warwickshire Village

This publication provides a comprehensive insight into the 17th/18th century process of enclosure by agreement through the detailed study and interpretation of an original 1704 manuscript. The spiral bound edition includes a full transcription of the original enclosure agreement, a cross-referenced modern interpretation and an account of the research methodology employed.

Price £9.00
(£11.00 with UK postage).

Stretton on Dunsmore School Admission Register
for 1874-1892

This indexed transcript of the Stretton school register includes details of interest to the family historian: birthdates, father, standard achieved etc.

Price £1.00
(£2.00 with UK postage)


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