Stretton-on-Dunsmore and Princethorpe Roll of Honour         


The original Roll of Honour for Stretton-on-Dunsmore was displayed in Stretton parish Church during most of World War I (with a carefully-tended vase of flowers) read out and updated regularly. Sadly, it has disappeared, which is why we have recreated the information. (A WWI Roll of Honour does survive for Princethorpe.) The names shown here are all of those men who served in WWI and have a connection to Stretton on Dunsmore or Princethorpe.

Interesting details we have found about them are included in a PDF Below. Please download it to your computer to read in full. In case you do not have Acrobat Reader for the PDF it is a free download from Adobe. We have added the link below.

We sincerely apologise for any omissions or errors and if you have any further information, or corrections, please contact Stretton History Society either via this website or the Secretary at 12 Squires Road, Stretton-on-Dunsmore, Rugby, CV23 9HF. We will endeavour to update the information on this website annually as necessary. A copy of these details is kept in the parish Church alongside the Roll of Honour.

*Men who lost their lives as a result of the war are marked thus # 


Roll of Honour

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Anderton, George Henry
Anderton, Thomas Reginald
Atkins, John Sheasby #

Badger, Frank #
Badger, William Josiah #
Barrett, Rupert Conway #
Bayliss, William Knight
Billington, Alexander George #
Blencowe, Richard
Bloxham, William
Boneham, George
Boneham, James
Borsley, Harold David
Brightwell, Horace John
Brookes, Charles
Brookes Edward Gerald
Brookes, Joseph Reginald #
Brookes, Samuel Rathbone
Bryson, James
Burden, Garnet John Edward
Burden, William John
Burgess, Peter Hewitt
Burton, Ernest
Burton, George #
Burton, Leonard Alfred William
Byerley, Harry

Clarke, George Ernest
Clarke, Harry John

Dipper, Arthur William #
Dipper, George Henry
Dipper, John Edward
Dipper, Robert Frank
Dunbar, Archie

Edmans, Frank Sidney #
Edmans, Joseph Phillip #
Edmans, Percy Henry

Falconbridge/Faulkonbridge, Alfred
Fawdrey, James William
Fell, Edward Thomas
Finch, Thomas A.
Flavell, Ernest John
Flavell, Francis Benedict
Flavell, Thomas Henry

Gilbert, George Edwin
Gilbert, Harry
Gilbert, James Charles #
Gilbert, William S.
Grant, Alfred
Grant, Edward Boneham

Hall, Thomas
Hancock, George Francis #
Hancox, Charles John #
Hancox, Harwood Frank
Hancox, Henry F. #
Hancox, James #
Hancox, John Frederick #
Harrison, Frank B.
Harvey, Edward #
Harvey, Harry
Hobday, Fred William
Hobday, George #
Hobday, Thomas George
Hoffgaard, Eric Albert
Howard, George
Howkins, Charles #
Howkins, David
Howkins, George
Howkins, Henry #
Howkins, William
Humphries, Henry G.

Jackson, George William

Kennard, Alfred
Kibbler, Fred W. #
Kibbler, George
Kibbler, Joseph Walter

Linnett, Fred William #
Linnet, John Thomas
Lister-Kaye, Arthur
Ludford, Charles Henry #

Manton, Alfred Samuel
Manton, Harry
Marshall, Henry
Marshall, Richard
Maycock, Charles William
Maycock, Henry John
Mawby, William Herbert
McAuley, John

Newman, Charles Edward
Newman, George William
Newman, James Ernest
Nicholas, John
Nicholas, Percy Victor
Nicholas, Stewart Norris #
Nix, Ernest Albert
Nix, Harry Godfrey
Nix, Sidney George

Oldham, William

Paget, George
Phillips, William John
Poole, William #
Poyner, Albert John
Poyner, Alfred Ernest #
Poyner, Edward Charles
Poyner, George Thomas
Poyner, William Henry #

Quarterman, Fred James
Quarterman, George Herbert
Quarterman, Samuel John
Quarterman, William

Rathbone, Arthur William
Rathbone, William Arthur
Rennison, Thomas W.
Richardson, Charles
Richardson, Ernest William
Richardson, Fred George
Richardson, Walter
Robbins, Charles Frederick #
Robbins, Herbert Frank
Robbins, Thomas Arthur #

Sabin, Charles Walter
Sabin, William George
Sargent, John
Savage, Arthur
Simpson, Wardrop Broadwood Dallas
Skinner, Herbert John
Smith, Albert H.
Smith, Alfred Edward #
Smith, Ambrose Bernard
Smith, Arthur Basil
Smith, Austen Benedict #
Smith, Austin Benedict
Smith, John Wilfred #
Smith, Joseph
Smith, William Percival
Spencer, Edward Harold #
Styles, Joseph Bernard

Teverson, Henry George W.
Tracey, Leonard Charles #
Tuckey, Charles Ernest #
Tuckey, Edmund Percy
Tuckey, William Thomas
Turrall, Albert
Turrall, Alfred
Turrall, Leonard Horace
Turrall, Sydney E.
Twynham, James (Senior)
Twnham, James (Junior)

Waddoups, Austin Joseph
Waddoups, James Edmund
Ward, Arthur
Ward, Charles
Ward, Ernest Joseph
Ward, Sidney #
Warren, Arthur
Warren, George James
Warren, Homer Charles
Warren, Isaac Henry
Warren, John Thomas
Warren, Walter
Waters, George J.E.
Waters, John Joseph
Watson, William Donald Paul
Wells, Stephen
Wells, Walter #
West, George Samuel
Whitehead, John
Wilcox, Austin Harris
Wilcox, Frank Borsley
Wills, William George Patman
Windsor, William Henry
Wing, Benjamin George
Wing, Raymond Walter #
Wing, Walter #
Wise, Walter William
Worswick, Richard Worsley